Short Term Rentals Investment

AMG has identified a property strategically located which will perform ideally for a short term rentals development,  one block from Collins Avenue. 

  • Argenta Hospitality Proposed Investment up to $6 million dollars for site acquisition. 

  • Anticipated and/or estimated Total Project Cost (including land) $20 million USD.

    • The proposed business plan is to redevelop the existing property into 50 to 70 unit short term rental property with additionally  5,000 (+/-) square feet of retail space.

    • We have large, very well-financed, international short - term rental operator that is interested in NNN leasing the units from us at approximately $1.7 to $2 million per year.

    • The above-mentioned lease would not include the retail, the retail would remain with Argenta Hospitality and would give us the ability to create even more revenue.

    • Potential additional retail and food and beverage revenue could be $1 million-plus.

  • Anticipated NOI $2.5 / $3.5 million dollars.

  • Potential terminal asset value $40 to $50 million dollars.

Another Investment Opportunity identified by AMG that falls into "Short Terms Rentals" is "Aviation Student Housing":

  • Proposed Argenta's investment $2 million to $5 million dollars for the first tranche. 

  • Long term goal, secure up to $20 million in equity to deploy the business plan throughout the entire state of Florida with the goal of having 100 flight student housing properties within 12/18 months.

    • We have two contracts in place with two of the top flight schools in Florida, Wayman Aviation and Global Atlantis Aviation.

    • We will provide student housing for both schools.

    • The principal benefit of the business plan is that Argenta will be earning substantially higher than Fair Market Value rents for each of the properties used for flight student housing. 

  • For example, a property can rent for $2,500 per month as a typical SFR rental property, but used as flight student housing can potentially earn as much as $4,500 per month in rent for the same property. 

Clearly, this business plan has the potential to provide for huge, above-market rates of return on capital.